Nicotine Salt vs Freebase? Why Nicotine Salt Is The New Craze

Some reviews electronic cigarette smokers give are about the Aqua Salts that’s used for smokeless cigarettes and how they enjoy the different options of Aqua Salts. Aqua Salts is the juice’ behind smokeless cigarettes providing the flavor for the cigarette and also the strength of nicotine. Salt Factory E-Liquid can buy Aqua Salts in low, medium, mild, or full strength strengths, and they can also buy Aqua Salts that has different flavors and tastes, such as chocolate, coffee, vanilla, strawberry, blueberry, original, and many more fruits and different flavors. There is bound to be something to the different kinds of Aqua Salts, and according to the reviews electronic cigarette smokers give, they seem to prefer a blueberry flavored cigarette over a traditional tobacco cigarette, which whether you’re a non smoker or not, there’s certainly something to be said for a fruit flavored cigarette.

It’s very different to think of a tobacco cigarette as being fruit flavored or even not having an odor, but smokeless cigarettes make it possible apparently to the delight of many smokers if you read the reviews electronic cigarette smokers give. Every smoker has a different preference; some like to buy Aqua Salts that doesn’t have any flavor at all, while some like to keep a bottle of maple syrup Aqua Salts and strawberry flavored Aqua Salts on hand to go with their pancakes in the morning. The different strengths are also appealing to many smokers, as they say they can easily make steps up and down between different strengths of nicotine, even getting down to Aqua Salts that doesn’t have any nicotine at all in it.

For many smokers, they’d gladly take the act of smoking without having to take in nicotine, as the it’s the act of smoking that’s got them hooked, but now, smokeless cigarettes are making the wishes of smokers come true.
The start and proliferation of the electronic cigarette have already been raising a lot of eye brows from numerous health organizations around the globe. Several people are not aware the nonhazardous health effects of smoking an electronic cigarette. The Food and Drug Administration FDA will manage ecigs for example the e cigarette as a regular tobacco item. The FDA has been trying to regulate electronic cigarettes, likewise recognized as smokeless cigarettes, for quite some time. The government agency was successfully able to regulate smokeless cigarettes as tobacco products. Just before, the FDA was trying to regulate the item under drugdelivery units, which has been defeated last February.